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MVS NZ Documents: How a Filipino company is positively impacting the lives of their compatriots.

(above:) Alma Villalobos of MVS Document Services. photo/Migrant News

By Ricky Matthew

cover photo: Alma Villalobos. credit / Migrant News

AUCKLAND – The rapid increase of Filipino migrants settling in New Zealand, just over 100,000 according to the Philippine Embassy, has created a corresponding increase in business opportunities catering to this market.

One business enterprise that is making waves in the Filipino community in New Zealand and beyond is MVS Document Services. This Auckland based company’s claim to fame is the introduction of an indispensable service for both new arrivals and settled migrants – super-efficient and hassle-free help in simplifying and expediting the authentication of critical documents like Philippine Police clearances and PSA Certificates for clients living abroad.

Founded by Alma Villalobos and husband Voltaire in 2019, MVS NZ Documents has quickly gained recognition for their exceptional service. They have become a trusted partner for individuals seeking critical documents certified and have successfully achieved remarkable milestones by processing over 1,000 new NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) applications and renewing over 5,000 NBI clearances.

According to Alma Villalobos the company has surpassed their growth projections in New Zealand and has progressively expanded services to other countries with Filipino populations, such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Dubai and Germany.

In a recent interview with Migrant News, Alma highlighted the diverse range of clients they serve and explained that they cater not only to Filipinos but also to other expatriates who have lived in the Philippines for six months or more.

These services are primarily geared toward individuals in need of documents, such as NBI clearances and PSA Certificates which are essential for visa processing and immigration applications.

In response to a question about the target market for their services, Alma Villalobos said that they basically help Filipinos requiring document processing when they land in New Zealand and other destinations. On arrival, immigration advisors there would have recommended that they organise fresh applications for NBI, PSA, etc. as an essential requirement for visa processing.

The importance of these documents for immigration purposes cannot be overstated, Alma emphasized. “It is required by Immigration New Zealand in order to process our clients visa applications. In fact, there are various requirements to fulfil and one of those would be to produce Philippine documents to prove that clients have a good credit history and no criminal record and show evidence of their status – whether they are single or married and if required they will have to provide a PSA birth certificate to show that they are a dependent of a New Zealand resident.”

The unique aspect of MVS NZ Documents is their ability to facilitate document processing remotely and this has been especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic, Alma explained.

“Just imagine the nature of the service that we offer. Now you no longer need to book a flight to visit the Philippine Embassy in Wellington or grab a taxi there if you’re in Invercargill or Wellington or wherever.” The convenience of the whole process is what sets MVS NZ Documents apart from traditional processes that used to involve significant travel and expenses.

Alma Villalobos and her team are committed to serving the community and their mission is to make life easier for Filipinos and expatriates worldwide by offering some very essential services. Their journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication to expand their reach and impact both locally and globally.

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