Every bit the matinee idol we knew, loved
By Sheila Mariano SALT LAKE CITY, USA – He was a matinee idol in the 80s and everyone recognised that familiar face. And in the midst of a glorious film career and to the delight of his fans, his leading lady on screen became his real-life partner. The wedding... Read more
Is Your Tagalog ‘Pangit’? – TFC offers English subtitles
IS YOUR TAGALOG ‘PANGIT’? TFC now offers English subtitles By Sheila Mariano MANILA – Good news for those among us whose Tagalog is ‘pangit’ (to quote MiG Ayesa, the Australian-Filipino lead in the musical ‘Thriller Live’). ABS-CBN TFC has started to subtitle most of its popular programs in English.... Read more
The Cinderella Complex?

Paolo Ballesteros, 31, is an actor and presenter and has been featured in many international magazines, websites, news sites, blog sites, you name it.

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